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Calling Lost Sheep
Reuben -  (Sardius<(Ruby)) Simeon - Peridot<(green… 
4th-Apr-2005 05:25 pm

Reuben -  (Sardius<(Ruby))
Simeon - Peridot<(green color) (Topaz)
Levi - Emerald/Beryl
Judah - Garnet (Emerald/Turquoise)
Dan - Amethyst (Sapphire)
Naphtali - Citrine (Diamond/Emerald)
Gad - Onyx (Ligure/Jacinth)                                                                                                                                Asher - Jasper (Agate (ruby))                                                                                                                        
Issachar - Lapis lazuli <sapphire (Amethyst)
Zebulun - Rock crystal (Beryl/Chrysolite)
Joseph - Zircon (Onyx)
Benjamin - Agate (Jasper

Val, I studied these and in "The Book OF YAHWEH" the gems they use are in ( ).  Some of  them like Paridot is the colour of the Topaz that is to be used. but I have noidea what  Citrine or Chrysolite look like. I'm gonna ask my mum's friend who is a geologist (and CI/ JI).   Any opinions???


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