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Calling Lost Sheep
I'm new here 
12th-Jan-2006 05:47 pm
I've been around LJ for a bit, but I'm practically new to all of this. My purpose here is to fight the good fight in the presence of many witnesses. I've written things I shouldn't have written about, but only because I happened to be studying such things at the time and I don't go back over my posts and delete stuff I just leave it there.

Without further ado, here is a post from a bit ago. It pertains to the 'third temple' period which, from my view, is almost ready to be announced.

C/O Jim Brahmlett at Fivedoves.com- "Tuesday (January 25, 2005) about 1,000 rabbis met at Binyanei Hauma (National Convention Center) to discuss building the 3rd Temple!"


My family hid Jewish roots in WW2. Don't suppose anybody knows the story of a man who was given the name 'Donetsk' in Ukraine..I wish I did..
16th-Jan-2006 07:22 am (UTC) - Re:
I talked to my mother and got quite a bit of information. I want to write it down quick in point form.

Donetsky, a name given to the family by honor by the govorner of the region- for triumph in battle against the golden horde Mongols near the River Don in Ukraine.
Elders have been noted to talk saying that, "Great Grandmother Donetsky comes from Armenia."
Also, the name the family had before they became Donetsky was different. The knowledge was lost and they were assimilated, I suppose, into the ruling class.
I feel strongly that it was a set up, that they were tricked into losing their strength.
So the family was in Ukraine. My mother says it was not called Russia at the time, as if to mean it was a long time ago before Russia united those lands. I believe the war between them and the mongols at the river Don is your strongest link to go on. I very much look forward to your reply, and hope you find information. The links are good. Sorry I couldn't find a coat of arms, but with the links you could be able to find such a thing if it exists.
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