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Calling Lost Sheep
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Welcome to the Hood

A "hood" is a neighborhood or community; we are the community of true Israel, which are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian, Nordic, Scythian, and kindred people of the world.
A "hood" is a covering for the head. Israel's hood is YHVH and Y'shua.
A "hood" can be a hoodlum. We are not thieves but rather victims of identity theft.

sheep are love

We at the Hood believe in keeping divine law. If you believe you are an Israelite, this community is for you. This community is now "friends only" and I am requesting the members of this community not to make public posts.

bible is love

For more information about Identity Christianity, see study.faithweb.com/about, LJ post for the differences between Identity Christianity and Judeo/Christianity.

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heritage is love

Anyone who is vulgar or uses profanity in this community will be banned and their comments screened.

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